How can your organization benefit from working with us:

  • Account Based Sales and Marketing Campaigns
  • Identify Competitor’s Clients
  • Identify Accounts based on Technology being used.
  • Test New Marketing Segments
  • Data for B2B Event Marketing
  • Content Marketing

If you are targeting a highly specific group of people, narrowing down their information can sometimes be a challenge. You may end up creating lists that meet your requirements superficially, but when it boils down to usability, they may not work as well as you need them to. This is why allowing professionals to create your B2B lists for you can save you a lot of time, effort, and even money in the long run. Instead of combing through mountains of data, you can just ask us to create customized B2B lists for you as per your needs.

All you need to do is tell us what you need, and our experts will create the perfect database for you.

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Freqently Asked Questions

Custom B2B lists

How do you charge for custom B2B list?
Our pricing varies depending on the complexity of the data requirements for example: Industry vertical, Job Title, Company size, Annual Revenue, Location, Technology in use, etc.
Can we run a Pilot Program to make sure it is going to be effective?
Yes, Just fill up our custom B2B List Enquiry form for a free sample. Our representatives will get back to you and will let you know the timeline required to get the data processed, once the data is processed we will upload the processed file to your Enquiry Status section on the dashboard.
What is your success rate?
In terms of deliverability, we expect a deliverability rate upwards of 95% and in case of any hard bounces, you can send those emails back to us, we will add credits to your BolsterBiz account, so that you can use those credits to purchase additional records or use them in the future.
In what format is the data downloaded?
Files will be downloaded in the xlsx format.
How long do you take to process data?
Data can be processed anywhere between 24 hrs to 48 hrs, depending on the complexity of the data requirements such as Industry, Function, Revenue, Company Size and the No. of contacts required. We will give you the turnaround before we start working on the request.
How often can I use the B2B list?
You can use the list as many times and as long as you want however, you needs to have a strategy in place, frequent emails elicit fewer responses and we have seen over 30% of the B2B list getting decayed in a year.
Can you scrub and append our existing database?
Yes, we can.
Do you provide personal emails?
No, we only provide professional email addresses.
Do we need to give you a list of target companies?
Not necessary, however, if you want us to just focus on the companies provided by you, we can provide the decision makers in those specific companies per your criteria.
How often is your data updated?
For custom B2B list service, we create a list from scratch and provide the most updated data and all the data points will be 100 % accurate.
Do you offer refunds on B2B email lists?
In case of hard bounces and wrong information, we add credits to your BolsterBiz account, so that you can use those credits to purchase additional records from us.