Everything you need to know about a B2B list

19,Jul,2019 Sanju Stephen

What is a B2B List?
A B2B list provides information about companies and their decision-makers. A good sales calling/emailing list of B2B companies is a must in getting those important leads for your outbound sales and marketing campaigns.


Pros of a good list:

  • Less time and effort wasted in finding the ideal prospect
  • Higher ROI

Cons of using a bad list with inaccurate data:

  • Wastage of time and effort - Most of your outreach efforts will reach dead ends.
  • Emails will be marked as spam and your domain reputation will suffer.
  • Emails will not reach the prospects’ inbox and will be filtered to the spam folder.
  • Your email service provider can penalize you by suspending your account.
  • Money spent on getting that bad list is a much smaller cost in comparison to the points listed above.

You can clearly see how a good list can add a lot of value to your outreach efforts and at the same time, a badly sourced list can wreak havoc.

Why do companies buy B2B Lists?
Inbound leads are the best form of leads any company can have, but there is always a continuous need to expand your customer base through outbound campaigns and promotions to get more clients on board and sometimes even to test a new segment. Every company tries to outrun its competition by reaching out to more prospects sooner and faster and a good B2B list can help fill the gap. Buying a B2B list doesn’t mean that the contacts in that list expect a mail/call from you, but the payoffs can be fruitful if the list bought is of high quality, used in a planned way and nurtured for the long term goals.


Characteristics of a good quality B2B list?

A good list will contain most Updated and Accurate details of prospects that match your criteria in terms of Company Revenue, Size, Job Titles, Technology usage, Geographical region, Founded Date, Capital raised, etc. A combination of these headers and other relevant details will give your marketing team a great headstart in their outbound campaigns.


How to go about getting a good B2B list?

You need to create a buyer persona and then communicate your requirements to your vendor. Try asking for a small sample, so that you can test its accuracy and the vendor’s understanding of your requirements.


Pricing - The pricing may vary from 15 cents to anywhere up to 4 dollars per contact.


Pre-existing list of B2B contacts vs Custom B2B lists:

Pre-existing: This works out well for marketers who are in need of a quick solution to their data woes and don’t need to go too granular for their product or service. Make sure that you are getting the data as per your needs, For example, if you are buying a list for email marketing, it must have the correct direct emails for each contact and not the generic emails like or just a list of company names and their addresses, with missing emails and phone nos. for half of the companies.

Custom B2B lists: These are targeted lists created per your specific criteria and will elicit more responses to your outreach efforts.


We at BolsterBiz work with our clients to understanding their requirements first and provide them with a free sample and then keep providing data at periodic intervals per their sales team's bandwidth and changing criteria requirements.


Quick note: Be wary of fraudulent vendors selling old data for quick bucks.